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espace serre Jardin Camifolia

The Mediterranean greenhouse


The Mediterranean greenhouse is about 200 m². It contains a plethora of Mediterranean plants that have been separated into four groups: medicinal plants (aloe, argan…), utility plants (agave, patchouli…), food plants (lemon tree, pepper plant…) and unusual plants (strelitzia, carnivorous plants…).

The Green Theatre


The Green Theatre is an open-air theatre located near a pond. It can seat 350 people and is used for activities, performances (open-air cinema, plays, concerts, etc.), as well as to accommodate large groups.

espace théâtre Jardin Camifolia
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The vegetal dome


The vegetal dome was designed by our gardeners in 2015. It is made out of willow branches that come from our garden. It features a few wooden benches where you can sit and relax by the river.

The medicine men


Five statues depicting the medicine men stand at the heart of Camifolia. They were sculpted by J-M Bourasseau, a local artist. Each of them symbolises a pain or a disease that can be cured with the plants that grow at their feet :

– Headache: feverfew
– Skin problems: calendula
– Respiratory infections: peppermint
– Chest pain: lady’s mantle
– Digestion issues: Roman camomile



espaces hommes médicinaux Jardin Camifolia
espace droguier Jardin Camifolia

The druggist’s cabinet


This herbalist’s cabinet was created in 2012. It contains a collection of 115 dried plants that have been put together by the non-profit organisation “Les amis du Jardin” (Friends of the Garden). In this cabinet, you will also find 320 pots dating back to the 20th century, courtesy of the Gaudillon family who runs a pharmacy in Saint Lamber du Lattay. The Gaudillon family were the first ones to cultivate medicinal plants in the region.

The pot still


Our pot still has a capacity 200 litres and is meant to teach visitors about plant distillation and essential oil production. A demonstration will be given on the following dates: 1st May, 3rd June, and 8th July 2018. Part of this activity will be carried out by students from the CFPPA in Le Fresne (Agricultural Vocational Training Centre) as part of their studies to obtain a Specialty Certificate in Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Production.

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espace parcours sensoriel Jardin Camifolia

The Sensory Pathway


Come to the sensory pathway for a unique sensory experience! This play area for kids and adults alike will awaken your five senses, and more specifically your sense of touch. You will be able to walk barefoot on several organic materials and minerals, cross the bamboo forest or climb the spider web structure. And last but not least, children will surely enjoy the giant wooden hut.

The beehives


In order to raise awareness about the fundamental role of bees in our ecosystem, we decided to set up an education beehive in our garden. Maintenance, honey extraction and demonstrations are carried out by our team with the collaboration of the Moronière Domain, as well as beekeepers from the Avettes group.

Save the date!  Come on 2nd June and 8th July for our beekeeping demonstrations and activities.

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